How long does a bunionectomy take?

Depends on procedure. There are various types of bunionectomy procedures that can be performed. The procedure time can vary from just a few minutes to one to two hours.
It can vary. . Depending on the procedure, it can take anywhere from 20 minutes from first cut to finishing the bandage application all the way up to 2 hrs if it's in conjunction with other procedures, or involves a joint fusion or other reconstruction. Also take into account the time doing paperwork, checking in, meeting your anesthesiologist, and afterward in the recovery room. This all adds up to several hrs.
Depends. Depending on the procedure(s) selected by the operating surgeon to correct the biomechanical features of the bunion as well as the experience of the surgeon can change the length of the procedure dramatically. Discuss this with your operating surgeon.
Length surgery. It depends. There are 135 different surgeries. Depending on the surgery picked and the skill of the surgeon it can take anywhere 45min to 2 hours.

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How long does the lapidus bunionectomy take?

An hour. The actual procedure takes approximately one hour. The recovery takes a few months. Read more...
An hour or so. Lapidus procedure can take one hour to a hour and a half. Read more...