How likely is it that I will have my foot amputated if I have diabetes?

See a physician . While a diabetic patient is more at risk for amputation than a non-diabetic, there are some general things you can do to reduce the risk. Check your feet daily for any wounds, sores, blisters or irritation and have your feet examined on an at least annual basis by a physician. Have on your healthcare team a pcp, an endocrinologist if your diabetes requires it, a foot specialist and eye specialist.
SEE YOUR DOCTORS. See your PCP on a scheduled basis; keep your A1C below 7. See a podiatrist 1-2x/year, more if necessary, to keep an eye on your feet. DON'T SMOKE! These measures will hopefully prevent amputations.
Depends. Just because you have diabetes doesn't mean you will get your foot amputated. As long as our diabetes is controlled (and you take care of your feet), no "amputation" will be needed.