How is a club foot deformity inherited?

Multiple factors. Congenital club foot ccf can occur as an isolated event or as part of a syndrome. Current thinking includes the influence of an autosomal dominent gene which is expressed ~33% , making it possible to skip generations without an affected carrier. Incidence 11/10000 (iowa)m>f, increased if mother smokes in pregnancy.See http://www.Omim.Org/entry/119800.
Pretty much, yes. We know that the incidence of clubfoot is about 1:1000 in an average U.S. Population. It is higher within certain ethnic groups, such as japanese (1:500) and hawaiian islanders (1:250). However, it is more difficult to predict the incidence along particular family lines. Many children are born with clubfoot in which there is no specific history of the deformity in recent family generations.

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Can club foot be a symptom of equinovarus foot deformity?

Clubfoot a deformity. Clubfoot is not a symptom, but a deformity (talipes equinovarus is another name for clubfoot). This is a triplane deformity: equinus (sagittal pl), varus (frontal pl) & adductus (transverse pl) w/c is usually congenital and can be corrected if done at an early age. If you have or know someone with clubfoot, direct them to see a trained foot specialist (orthopedic or podiatric) as soon as you can. Read more...