How do they fit your feet for orthotics?

Plaster casting. Custom orthotics are generally made by applying fast setting plaster of paris impregnated gauze on the feet, one at a time, holding the foot in what a podiatrist would call "neutral position". The plaster mold dries in several minutes and removed carefully from the foot. Paperwork is done, molds sent to a lab and several weeks later, they are fitted into your shoes.
Casting. There are several ways to get fitted for orthotics. The most common is casting in plaster or a fiberglass sock. Some use a foam box to step in and others use a digital scanner. Your doctor likely has a preferred method. For me, i still prefer casting for a functional foot orthotic.
Orthotics. I have had many orthotics over the years. The best ones were custom made by a podiatrist who actually took a cast mold of my feet. I have had others that only required me to step on a special machine which determined the contour of the soles of my feet with a bunch of little sensors. Good orthotics can be expensive. Your feet are the unsung heroes of your body and deserve tlc.
Orthotics. There are several ways: plaster cast in neutral , stepping on a scanner , and biofoam. Yo0ur podiatrist will us e the method that works best in his hands.