Hello, well I got braces on the 16th and today I noticed that part of my gums are swollen. It is in between two teeth.?

Floss, proxabrush ; Proper oral hygiene is extremely difficult with braces. If your gums are swollen, you are probably are not cleaning correctly. Floss threaders or proxabrush are need to get "between" each tooth. Then each ortho bracket has four surfaces that need tooth brushing. Then the brush needs to vibrate a few of its bristles into the tooth gum interface. Then the rest of the tooth needs to be brushed.
Extra care needed. Due to difficulty to clean in the presence of braces, there is specially designed floss holders to able you to floss with presence of the arch wire across.In the dental ariel of many drug stores.
Needs help. It is imperative that you clean between teeth and between the braces and your gum line. Ask your orthodontic specialist and your general dentist for help before this gets out of hand.
Swollen gums. Make sure to keep it clean, sometimes if it gets bad enough it will need to be removed to heal.
Brushing and flossin. Oftentimes swelling is due to inadequate brushing and flossing in the area. Remember to spend extra time at this than you had to before braces, because there are so many more areas for debris to accumulate.
Wax is the answer. You should put a small piece of dental wax over the spot of the braces that is irritated and call your orthodontist for an appointment.
Orthodontist. There are a few possible reasons for gums being swollen from improper oral hygiene or just natural tooth movements and gums may swell. Regardless you should go to the doctors.