How can you get an ingrown toe nail to change it's direction of growth without having to go to the doctor?

I am not sure you. Can. I have see in textbooks some place a small "v" shaped wedge in the middle of the toenail in hopes the outer portions grow into the middle. I am not sure I believe this actually happens. A podiatrist when fixing the nail does not make the nail change direction, rather, he decreases the width of the toenail itself.
See below. It is difficult to stop an ingrown toenail. Try using a cuticle stick to push the skin away from the nail. Apply antiseptic and bandaid.
Let it grow. As long as there is no infection, try to let it grow out as long as possible and then cut it straight across.

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My daughter has a bad ingrown toe nail. Without going to the doctor, is there a way I can get rid of it?

No. These symptoms can only be adequately diagnosed only after a thorough evaluation by your doctor. This may include labs and other satudies. Once all of the information is in, your doctor can let you know what's going on, and what to do to help you.
Maybe. If your ingrown nail is infected, you'll likely need antibiotics, and possibly a nail procedure. While waiting to see your doctor, soak the toe 10 min/day in luke warm water and epsom salts, use a small amount of topical antibiotic ointment, and cover with a bandaid. (occasionally this solves the problem without needing a procedure!).

What can I do about a ingrown toe nail without going to a doc?

If it is infected. Or has penetrated the skin enough to make for a little drainage or pus, have it done professionally. It will hurt a lot less and heal much faster than if you go the do it yourself route. Don't be penny-wise and pound-foolish.
Control infection. Soak in salt water or domeboro solution. Wear a sandal or open toe shoe. If redness progresses go to your podiatrist.

What can I do for a ingrown toe nail, I don't have insurance, so I can't go to the doctors. I can't even touch it it hurts that bad?

Soak, trim. Soak in warm water, trim corner of nail on angle so it does not cut into skin, and pad area with cushioning in foot care aisle to relieve pressure. This may be recurring problem that eventually may need be treated permanently by foot doctor with phenol, chemical narrowing of problem nail.
Soaks. Try to soak in warm water for 20 minutes and try to see pedicurist to remove ingrown nail border.
Try several things. As long as there are no signs of infection, try to soak the toe in warm water with epsom salt, get a cuticle stick and ;push the skin away from the nail. Apply topical antiseptic such as neosporin and a band aid. If it seems to be infected go to the er.
Call a Doctor. You don't want an infected ingrown toenail to result in excruciating pain or even worse significant infection. Call a foot specialist or even a primary care provider (check with their staff to see if they perform ingrown nail procedures first) even without insurance many offices will take patients on a cash pay basis. Be prepared to make financial arrangements or pay in full at time of service.

Doctor is removing an ingrown toe nail painful? ..

A Big Mosquito. The idea of having an ingrown toenail removed will bring anxiety to most patients. Rest assured, your toe will be totally numb, although you may feel pressure, there should be no pain. In almost all cases the toe is anesthetized by what is called local anesthetic block. This introduction of fluid might cause some momentary discomfort as it is being injected. In a few seconds, the toe is numb.

Should I see a doctor or a podiatrist about my ingrown toe nail?

Your choice. It really is up to you - however, not all primary care physicians perform this procedure. I would recommend that you see if there is a podiatrist near you that can evaluate your problem and can likely perform any procedure that may be indicated the same day.
Podiatrist. A podiatrist is the doctor that treats feet.
Yes... Ingrown toenails can be remedied through soaking your foot in warm water, removal of embedded debris from the nail borders, and applying an antibiotic ointment to temporarily soften the corners. One should always try to cut the nails strait across to avoid leaving an embedded nail spicule. If pain or redness continues get it looked at by a professional.
Podiatrist. He is the doctor who will get it out for you.

Why was I put on an antibiotic. For an ingrown toe nail? Tried asking the doctor but he seemed in a hurry?

Paronychia. Most ingrown toenails or fingernails get infected very quickly and an abscess (the greenish or white pus) forms very easily. I have never had one of these resolve without antibiotics or surgery.
Secondary infection. Most ingrowing toenails cause a local cellulitic reaction in the surrounding tissues that needs to be cleared of infection prior to the removal process.

3 year old had ingrown toe nail, after doctor cut it out it is still a little swollen over a week later, nail is clear doesn't seem like pus.

Ingrown toe nail. Is there tenderness or redness? Swelling may be from procedure of removing toenail. If there is tenderness or redness then follow up with your doctor.
May not be a. Problem. Swelling can persist for a week or so. Get it checked out bc possibly a piece was left behind and the infection will not clear unless the complete border is removed.
Residual spicule. There isn't any mention of prescribed antibiotics, or how long the nail was infected for, nor the method in which the nail was 'cut out' there are various techniques used to treat ingrown nails with children, duration of infection and severity also play a role. It is best to have this looked at, as this can be something as simple as a residual nail spicule or as severe as bone infection.

Left foot. Big toe. Had a ingrown toe nail. Pulled it out. No problem, so I thought. Now I fected for more than 5 months. Went to doctor. Gave me 2 p?

Xray. It would be wise to take an x-ray, to make that the infection is not in the bone also.
Removal.... ..Is the only permanent solution. Just the painful border can be removed, or the entire nail if necessary. After removal you can let the border grow out again, or your doctor can use a chemical to stop the nail from regrowing. If you're concerned, don't perform bathroom surgery on yourself. That can lead to an infected ingrown toenail, which could require antibiotics.

Why does my foot hurt bad after it got the ingrown toenail removed by a doctor befour the nail even grew all the way back a sharp pain?

Follow up. With the doctor who performed the procedure. Sometimes, there may be a piece of nail that was not removed, other times a cyst may of developed where the procedure was performed.
Permanent procedure. If a permanent removal procedure such as matrixectomy or a phenol and alcohol procedure is performed appropriately the recurrence rate is relatively low.
Residual nail. When toe pain persists after ingrown toenail removal, I am suspicious whether a nail spicule was left. Even the best doctor can sometimes miss a small nail fragment. Another possibility is infection, either of the skin or underlying bone. Either way, have it checked by your podiatrist...Don't play doctor.