Do talus fractures cause your foot to tingle and go numb?

Talus fractures. In general talus fractures do not commonly cause the foot to tingle and go numb. However, if a substantial fracture to the talus occurred then an adjacent nerve may be injured and result in the above symptoms. It is also possible that unrelated nerve symptoms are developing such as tarsal tunnel syndrome, mortons neuroma's or even spinal nerve impingement . Consult a doctor for diagnosis.
Talus fracture . If you sustained a talar fracture which is caused by major trauma than inherently you could have sustained trauma to other structure in your foot and ankle including nerve damage.

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5 years ago I fractured my talus bone in 3 places and when I'm sat down my toes go numb and my ankle starts to hurt is this normal?

No. No, i would not say it is normal and there are multiple potential causes. Some talus fractures heal uneventfully, others have serious long term sequelae. Tarsal tunnel syndrome is just one condition that can cause similar symptoms and may be more common in someone who has had such a severe injury as you are describing. Thank you for your question. Read more...