I know the treatment is 1g of azythromycin but I was prescribed the z pack can I just take 4 pills as a single dosage or do I have to do the 6days?

Chlamydia tx should… Be 1 g azithromycin. Don't understand why u were given z-pak. Four 250-mg pills does equal one gram; so take them at same time. Partner should be treated as well. Have doc who prescribed z-pak retest u for chlamydia & ask why rx wasn't for single 1g dose. Option: contact pharmacy about the med. They may have substituted because they didn't have 1g dose in stock.
Follow directions! Follow your prescribing doctor's directions; they are designed to treat your infection in the best way possible, and there are many. Failure to follow directions may result in failure of treatment, resistant bacteria, and more problems (and cost). Don't decide on this yourself. If any doubt, ask your doctor!