After having a bunionectomy, can I wear high heals?

Yes. Once the swelling subsides and the range of motion increases in the great toe joint, most patients can wear most any shoe including heels.
Yes. Generally, about 2/3 of women find that they can wear all of the shoes they want after surgery. There is no absolute restriction against wearing high heels after the surgery heals. However, if the shoe is too small, narrow or pointy, it may be uncomfortable. Also, prolonged wearing of shoes that push the big toe over can result in recurrence of the deformity.
Not recommended. You should avoid high heels.
Dessert shoes. As a rule, you should wear supportive shoes. High heels do not fall into that category. It's the same principle as nutrition: you can't eat chocolate cake all day long, but if you maintain a healthy, nutritious diet, you can splurge on dessert. If you wear supportive shoes all day, you can wear heels to an event or out with friends for a finite amount of time. Ultimately, ask your surgeon!
That would depend. On how long after the surgery....As you would not want to ruin your surgery.
Yes. Most patients can return to some degree of a heeled shoe after bunion surgery.