Does fish oil help fix an SVT arrhythmia?

No. There are proposed beneficial effects of omega 3 fatty acids (fish oil) for the heart, but treatment of svt is not one of these. There is some data to support that the heart might recover the pumping function of the upper chambers more quickly if omega 3 fatty acids are given following resolution of atrial fibrillation.
No. No it doesn't, can help with high triglycerides though.
No. 28 years old with SVT. Fish oil on the latest published clinical trials on some kind of SVT called atrial fibrillation showed no efficacy in reducing arrhythmia.

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Is it true omega 3 purified fish oil 1000 mg can trigger svt?

UNLIKELY. Millions of people take purified omega 3 fish oil with no adverse effects on heart rhythm. It's not likely that you would have such a reaction while taking them.
Anectdotal. There has been some anecdotal experiences of people getting arrhythmias on fish oils/omega 3's, but the majority of people who take the omega 3's never experience an arrhythmia. If you ever feel you get an abnormal heart rhythm/beat from anything you ingest, you should avoid the substance and tell your dr. Best wishes.