Can mitral valve prolapse be a cause of svt?

Not likely. Mvp typically doesn't cause too many problems in an otherwise healthy person. If there is an underlying heart problem or other disease process at work, then all bets are off. While it may be associated with it, the mvp isn't likely to be the direct cause.
Prolapse svt. there is a link between 2, i.e. MVP increase the chance of certain types of SVTs.
Probably not directl. Mitral valve prolapse is a description of how the mitral valve closes. It can be associated with a leaking mitral valve. If the leak is large enough it can cause parts of the heart to expand and dilate. This can predispose you to develop all sorts of rhythm issues. But most who have prolapse don't develop svt's because most do not have any significant leak.

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Can my mild mitral valve prolapse be cause of my SOB? 1 flight of stairs gets me very SOB. Never smoked. Used to run daily, had to stop cuz of breathing

Maybe. If your "mild mitral prolapse" resulted in rupture of a chordae tendinae, (a known complication of MVP), the result would be sudden deterioration of your ability to exercise due to breathlessness. An echocardiogram would determine if you have had this complication. Of course, there are many other possible causes not related to MVP so a full eval is in order. Read more...
Yes. Mitral valve prolapse can indeed cause dyspnea, or shortness of breath. Echocardiography can show your degree of prolapse and if there is concurrent mitral regurgitation, or abnormal reflux of blood from the left ventricle backwards into the left atrium. Please discuss with a Cardiologist. Read more...