Does otoplasty cut my ear lobe?

No. Otoplasty repositions the ear to set closer to the side of the head in a better position. It can also reshape the ear and correct cuping. The ear lobe does not need to be cut.
No. Otoplasty should not cut your earlobe. An incision is placed on the back of the ear just outside the crease behind the ear. It is very well hidden. Unless some other maneuver is being performed there shouldn't be any incisions on the outside of your earlobe. I hope this information is helpful. Stephen weber, M.D., f.A.C.S. Lone tree facial plastic surgeon.
Not usually. If you have and extremely large or projecting earlobe, and incision may be made around the bottom of the earlobe or behind it to help it match the rest of the ear. More otoplasty info here: http://www.Drmele.Com/otoplasty.Html.