My nephrologist has only treated 6 other cases of hyperaldosteronism in 20 years. Should I stick with him or find another more experiened dr.?

Hyperaldostrronism. Hyperaldosteronism oos not particularly common. I was taught in med school I have seen two confirmed cases. Had no difficulty management. Have a little faith in a skilled professional. I am sure your physician was not attempting to worry but trying to help you understand how special you are.
Dr 4 Hyperaldosteron. That is more than most I would guess. How did their treatment turn out? Recommend you join our Hyperaldosteronism group at We have over 1,000 like you. .
Hyperaldosteronism. Stick with your nephrologist. You have a relationship and his experience is reasonable. Hyperaldosteronism can exist as two gland enlargements or as a single adenoma in only one gland. Ask if removal of an adenoma in one gland exists.