Can an ectopic pregnancy look like appendicitis?

Yes. Pain is often a hallmark finding in each case. Appendicitis often presents as a sharp pain in the right lower quadrant of the adbomen ("mcburney's point"). An ectopic pregnancy can lead to a sharp pain in the same area. There are many diagnostic tools your physician may use to differentiate between the two conditions. It is recommended that you seek help immediately when you have this pain.
Yes. They can both cause pain in the right lower aspect of your belly, and can be indistinguishable to us when we examine you.
Yes. If the abdominal pain is on the right lower side, an ectopic can mimic an appendicitis.

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Can an ectopic pregnancy be mistaken for appendicitis?

Yes. Symptoms of lower abdomen or pelvic pain can be similar. Ultrasound may be difficult to tell fallopian tube from appendix swelling. Best way to tell the difference can be a pregnancy test (positive if ectopic pregnancy).
Initially it can. A right-sided ectopic adnexal pregnancy can certainly be initially mistaken for acute appendicitis. Imaging with MRI can help differentiate these two life-threatening conditions; if even that is inconclusive, then exploratory laparotomy or laparoscopy should be performed to diagnose and treat the underlying cause at the same time.

Might an ectopic pregnancy be mistaken for appendicitis?

Yes, before it. Happened all the time. Now that we have better tests like ct scans and ultrasounds, and more sensitive pregnancy tests, doctors can usually tell the difference. But not all the time.

Any relation between appendicitis and ectopic pregnancy symptoms?

Both can cause pain. In the right lower quadrant, and nausea if u think u have either u need immediate evaluation, so u need to see your doc or go to the er.

Is appendicitis or appendix removal and ectopic pregnancy related? Or have an effect on future pregnancy or conception?

No and maybe. Appendicitis is neither related to ectopic pregnancy nor to future fertility. An ectopic pregnancy could affect future fertility however.
The pelvis. Appendectomy should have no bearing on the fallopian tubes and ectopic pregnancy. But ectopic pregnancy does interfere with future attempts at pregnancy.
No. Neither appendix itself, nor appendicitis are related to ectopic pregnancy. Removal of the appendix doesn't tell on the risk of subsequent ectopic pregnancy.

I'm just wondering, if you're a coma and you're having an ectopic pregnancy or appendicitus what happens?

If you are in. A coma, it is unlikely you will have sex, so ectopic would be unlikely. Appendicitis, however, can happen, not only in comatose patients, but other patients who are sick from other causes. But usually coma or near coma patients are in a hospital, so they can get a ct scan to make immediate diagnosis if appendicitis is suspect.

What are some signs of an ectopic pregnancy? 22yo, mirena (levonorgestrel) IUD 2 1/2 years. Lower r. Pain near hipbone and into groin area. Ct scan said not appendicit

C MD. If you are concerned about a possible ectopic pregnancy then you need to be checked immediately. Did they not do a pregnancy test before the ct scan? Other things like cysts, endometriosis, inflammatory bowel disease, diverticulitis, hernias can all cause those symptoms but most are detectable on a ct or a pelvic ultrasound. A muscular strain or injury would not. Get it checked.
Pain/missed period. The above are most common signs of ectopic pregnancy, but they are highly nonspecific. If you are concerned about possible ectopic pregnancy, #1 is to take a home pregnancy test. Obviously if you are not pregnant, you cannot have an ectopic. If you are pregnant and in pain, call or see your doctor, who may refer you to an emergency room based on your condition.

Can an ectopic pregnancy still be possible if I only have my ovaries and tubes? I look like im 3-4 months pregnant and I feel like it too

Are you pregnant? Do you mean you have no uterus and no cervix? It would be nearly - nearly - impossible to be pregnant then. Before worrying about ectopic: are you even sure you're pregnant? Did you do a test?

What might the very beginning symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy feel like?

Pain and bleeding. An ectopic pregnancy may start out feeling just like a normal pregnancy. However, once the embryo grows large enough to put pressure on the fallopian tube, you may start to have crampy abdominal or pelvic pain and vaginal bleeding (often after having missed a period). If this is you then you need to get to the er right away as this can become very serious very quickly if not treated properly.
Pregnancy. The body is not aware that the ectopic location until ruptures or found on gyn or ultrasound exam.

Why is that a women will put on water weight in 2 months of being pregnant? With a ectopic pregnancy on top of that. Like almost 30 pounds.

I am unaware. That you can separate ectopic pregnancy from regular pregnancy by following your weight. As a radiologist we usually can tell you have an ectopic pregnancy by doing an ultrasound exam. As for the weight gain this is due to the fact the baby needs all sorts of things to develop. It has an amniotic sac, and placenta - which has a certain weight and your uterus swells up as well.