What does someone in a diabetic coma smell like?

It depends. If the "diabetic coma" is from very low blood sugar, the is no particular smell. If the "coma" is from very high blood sugar, there may be a sweet, fruity smell.

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Can hyperglycemia cause a diabetic coma?

Yes. If the hyperglycemia is high enough it can lead to diabetic coma. We call this hyperosmolar hyperglycemia coma or syndrome. Diabetes ketoacidosis coma is another form of diabetic coma but this one is caused by not having Insulin rather than the extreme hyperglycemia (which is just a sign for this coma). Read more...

How can I differentiate the three types of diabetic coma in a patient?

Coma. Can you please expand on the three types of diabetic coma. If she has had or still has diabetic coma surely the doctors would have told you. Any coma is not good. Read more...