What can I do to prevent a recurrence of a blood clot in my calf?

As stated before. And Aspirin may help reduce the risk of recurrent dvt. Talk with your doctor.
Mobilize. Reduce risk factors walk or proper exercize weight to ideal complete the prescribed medical program for the DVT usually 6 months of coumadin (warfarin). Get veins rechecked for a new baseline. All your pcp about any clotting disorders. Probably avoid birth control meds. Probably.
Avoid inactivity. Avoid sitting for long periods of time such as on long plane rides or car rides. If you need to sit for a long period of time, it is a good idea to flex your calf muscles by moving your foot up and down to increase blood flow back to your heart from your legs. If you have been prescribed a "blood thinner" it is important to continue taking your medication as prescribed by your physician.

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I broke my ankle 3 days ago and found out blood clot in calf area from being sedentary for 3days - now on xarelto. What else can I do to tx/prevent?

Doing right thing. You are currently doing the correct thing. Any time you have an ankle fracture and are immobilized you are at increased risk of a blood clot. The important thing is to diagnose the blood clot early and get on a blood thinner (which you have done). Now you can allow your body to absorb the clot. In the future, alert providers you have a history of blood clots so you can prevent future clots. Read more...

Will compression stockings prevent signs and symptoms of a blood clot in the leg?

No, probably not. While compressions stockings should help in the prevention of venous blood clots, their use should not hide or mask the signs and symptoms of a clot if one forms. Read more...
NO. While compressions stockings help in the prevention of vein blood clots, their use typically does not hide or mask the signs and symptoms of a leg blood clots. But unfortunately many people with blood clots do not have any symptoms in their legs to let them know that the clot is there. Sometime a pulmonary embolus occurs to the lungs without any warning, even though the clot began in the leg. Read more...