Why does someone with a dysfunctional gallbladder have acid reflux problems? Should they take omeprazole?

Not the case. Dysfunctional or sick gallbladder is not related to acid reflux, they are two different situations which may co exist. Gall bladder is related to bile delivery to stomach which helps digestion, that's why in some people Omeprazole helps, but they are different. If you do not have reflux disease and you take your gallbladder out , you may not need omeprazole.

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Is it wise for someone with a dysfunctional gallbladder to be on omeprazole long term since the gallbladder is causing the reflux? Eject. Frac. - 15%

OK. A poorly functioning gallbladder, will not improve with time. It is ok to use Omeprazole for symptomatic treatment of the heartburn often associated with the problem. The gallbladder really needs to be removed. Please see your physician. Read more...