Can you give cpr to someone who may have a broken neck?

Yes. If someone needs cpr, they need it because their heart is not beating effectively. In this situation, without CPR they will die within minutes making the question of a broken neck irrelevant. If 2 people are present and there is concern for a neck / spine injury, one person can stabilize the head while the other performs chest compressions but regardless, CPR should be performed.

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How can you give cpr to someone who may have a broken neck/back?

Hold neck still. You put one hand on either side of the head to stabilize the cervical spine, and proceed with cpr. The chest compressions are more important than the respirations but hold the neck in the midline and stabilize the spine while doing CPR unless the neck is not centered- do not attempt to center the neck if it appears dislocated. Just keep it immobile. Read more...