What kind of heart problems make having dental work dangerous?

Valve Issues And... People with prosthetic heart valves should be pre-treated with antibiotics to decrease the likelihood of an infection known as infective endocarditis (ie) following dental procedures. Others who should be pre-treated with antibiotics include those with a history of ie or who have had a heart transplant in which the new organ developed valve problems and some people with congenital heart defects.
HEART. In short, a heart valve defects, like mitral valve prolapse, can lead to complications following dental work, even a cleaning. We pre-medicate our patients with an antibiotic before their appointment. The medication will be in their blood stream to kill off any bacterial plaque entering the stream. Therefore, it will deposit on the heart valves or clog any blood vessels leading to a complication.

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Can heart problems (high blood pressure) cause dental problems?

Not likely. Not likely that high blood pressure can cause dental problems. Diabetes can be a contributing factor in the development of periodontal (gum & bone) disease. Periodontal disease can be a contributing factor to heart disease. The inflammatory process can raise your c-reactive protein level contributing to heart disease.
Yes and no. High blood pressure itself don't cause dental problems. Some blood pressure medications, however, can have some oral side effects. Dry mouth (which can lead to an increased rate of tooth decay) is the #1 side effect of medications overall and BP meds are no exception. Calcium channel blockers such as Nifedipine can have some oral side effects as well.

I am having wisdom teeth taken out. Heart problems, should I be concerned?

Discuss with dentist. Usually not, unless you've had a heart attack within the past 6 months, you shouldn't have any elective dental treatment. Discuss your heart condition with the dentist and appropriate treatment can be performed with minimal risk to you.
Relatively Painless. Fortunately, modern anesthetics allow oral surgery, especially wisdom teeth removal and restorative dentistry to be done virtually pain-free and worry free. With the profound local anesthesia and IV sedation you will have no recall of the events of the oral surgery or experience any pain.

My 92 year old dad has not much of an appetite/ so difficult to get him to eat. Teeth are excellent but he does has many heart problems?

Not a dental problem. I do not think this is a dental problem. You may want to have him evaluated by his general physician to see if there is a underlying medical or psychological problem like depression.
What sounds good? Remember that elderly folks who are not very active do not need as many calories as they used to. That being said, however it is important that your father take in a sufficient number of calories and protein to ensure that he stays alert and strong. Sometimes as we age we lose our appetite as well. There are good tasting drink supplements which you can purchase at any drug store.

What kind of heart problems can lead to chronic belching?

None. I'm not aware of any heart diseases that would cause this problem. Some patients during an acute heart attack have severe belching, or feel as if they need to belch, but this typically lasts only minutes or hours.

What kind of heart problems may explain a slight BP elevation followed by a 40mmhg crash at peak hr (>90% mhr) to below baseline level on treadmill?

Could be bad. During a stress test, a drop of BP at peak exertion signifies a high risk stress test. This may indicate multivessel coronary artery disese with the decreased blood flow to the heart muscle reducing the contracting ability of the heart, reducing the blood pressure. Alternatively could be a fast heart rhythm problem. If the hr suddenly increases, each beat has low blood, thus reducing the bp.

Pain In bottom of left arm shooting every 20 min or so I'm worried about my heart had it 3 or 4 days what kind of arm pain suggests heart problems?

Arm pain. Any pain merits evaluation, classic cardiac arm symptoms are seen in approx 30% of cardiac cases & typically involves the medial border with a steady aching quality lasting at least minutes in duration;atypical arm pain is also seen so don't assume all is well;get it evaluated.

My toes are cold and my feet are kind of pale. Is this a problem? I don't have anemia or heart problems.

A problem. If you are out in cold esther or if it otherwise bothers you. You may have raynaud's.
Common disorder. You may have reynauds which makes feet or hands cold and discolored. Would get it checked to make sure but many people have it even someone in my family.