Cold for three weeks, nasal chest congestion, dry cough nowc followed by mouth sores on top pallet. Red bumps with large white sores?

Sinus infection? The mouth sores on your palate sounds viral, but if you have been sick for 3 weeks you might have a bacterial infection requiring antibiotics. See a doctor, rest and drink plenty of fluids.
Viral infection. The mouth sores following a cold or other disaeases are normally caused by an opportunistic type infector or trigger. Sores on palate are probably a viral source like a herpes infection. Weakening from your illness can have other mouth sores like apthous ulcers(canker sores) or even yeast infections, especially if you have been taking antibiotics. Eat well, drink lots of fluids, and rest.

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I have red bumps on the back of my tongue with some slight white bumps. I have had a sore throat with cough for about 2 weeks. Yesterday I noticed when I cleared my throat for some phlegm that I have been spitting up from chest congestion and noticed a l

It . It sounds like you are dealing with a streptococcal pharyngitis (strep throat). You will need to see your doctor for a rapid strep test, exam, and treatment. If it is strep then you will need antibiotics for at least 7 days. Im the meantime you can take Ibuprofen for pain and gargle with warm salt water. Please seek medical care right away. Read more...
Salt Water. Sounds like you have mild inflammation of normal structures in the mouth and throat. Any fever present? Anything lasting more than 7-10 days needs to be checked by a professional health care provider. In the mean time try gargling with a 1/2 tsp of salt in a cup of warm water for 5 minutes/ several times in a day. Read more...