What is the treatment of bulky fibroid uterus and bilateral enlargedovaries?

Depends. Can range from nothing, nsaids, hormonal methods to surgery. Depends on your symptoms.
Depends . There are various surgical treatments, but it really depends on any symptoms. You should see your doctor to discuss specifics.

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Have fibroid uterus and luteal cyst. Was in ER for threatened miscarriage today. Can treatment of cyst and fibroids cause positive outcome with baby?

Miscarriage. The luteal cyst probably plays no role in the miscarriage fibroids can be a problem if they are big and occupying a good part of your uterine cavity not letting the baby expand. If you are pregnant, I am not sure what can be done now about your fibroids. Your obgyn should tell you. Read more...

In 2011, my uterus 14.8x10.5x10.5cm. Fibroid 2.1x6.6x7.9cm. What are some treatments for fibroids? Or some ways to shrink them?

Depends on symptoms . You can shrink them with medication such as lupron, (leuprolide) or treat them with surgery or uterine embolization. See your gyn to discuss the best treatment for you. Read more...