What is the prognosis for lung cancer with a lesion in the brain?

Likely poor/bad. A lung cancer with a lesion in the brain is considered stage IV as this means that there is distant metastasis. This has a 5 year survival of < 5%, so you can see that the chances of successful therapy are very small. But take heart, for therapy has come a long way and depending on the type, like small cell cancer, chemotherapy can stop even extensive cases. So see your dr. B/c you never know.
Not good. The lesion in the brain can be surgically removed but even with chemotherapy and radiation, the long-term prognosis is not good. Go to www. Utdol. Com (uptodate), they provide information for patients. Good luck!

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Took brain mri. Multiple t2hypointense lesion in cerebral parenchyma. Possibilty of granuloma or brain secondries. My mom hv lung cancer. Is it secondary?

Probably neither. Difficult to know without seeing all the MRI sequences. It would be helpful to know if the lesions enhance after Gadolinium contrast and if they "bloom" on susceptibility weighted sequences and if they are calcified or invisible on CT scan. Metastatic disease would be very unlikely in a 30 year old without a known primary cancer. My best guess would be multiple cavernous malformations.

Dad, Oscar, was told stage 4 lung cancer 2.5 wks ago. 1/3 sz brain tumor removed. 3 brain lesions. In bones&pos liver. Would u cyperknife brain tomorrow?

It depends. If you are 76, your Dad must be late 80s or early 90s. At such an advanced age it may not be worth being so aggressive with terminal cancer that at such advanced stage means he has only few weeks to few months left. However, if his desire is to be aggressive, Cyberknife is an effective an low risk procedure and I would recommend it highly. Otherwise, hospice care is very appropriate.

Are brain and lung cancer related?

NO. These cancers are not related. But.... Many people are confused by the concept that lung cancers can spread to the brian as metastasis. This happens all to often and is in fact more common tha a primary brain tumor.
Maybe. Lung cancer, particularly small cell lung cancer, can spread to the brain.

Does small cell lung cancer go anywhere in the body or just the brain?

Anywhere. Starts in lung and local, and blood stream migration are common.
Can go anywhere. Sclc is particularly notorious for spreading quickly and widely. The brain is one common place for sclc to spread, but it can spread almost anywhere in the body. The liver, bone, adrenal glands, and brain are the most common sites.