Does drinking too much alcohol lower your sperm count?

Yes, it can. Heavy drinking can ultimately reduce testosterone levels, which in turn may reduce not only sperm counts, but increase the number of abnormal sperm, and affect sperm motility, which may prevent sperm from reaching the egg. Lowered testosterone may also reduce sexual desire and potency, decreasing the ability to have successful intercourse and ejaculate.

Related Questions

Can drinking alcohol to excess lower sperm count? Smoking & drugs too?

Yes to all three. Moderate to heavy alcohol drinking, smoking or chewing tobacco, and drugs including marijuana and opiates, both illegal and prescription painkillers, can all reduce sperm numbers and/or quality.
Yes. Alcohol, smoking and drugs can decraese sperm count. Smoking tobacco not only to decrease the quality of a woman’s eggs, but it is thought to reduce a man’s sperm count. Illicit drugs like Cocaine and marijuana have been demonstrated to affect sperm count.