What are phases of wound healing?

4 stages. Hemostasis, which means to stop bleeding, Inflammatory, which means a body response to remove damaged cells and prevent infection, proliferative, which occurs when cells make new proteins to heal the wound defect, and finally maturation, which is resolution of the inflammation (e.g. redness and swelling), and a contracture of the wound (decreasing size). Takes up to a year for all this to occur.
Phases of wound heal. The three phases are initial inflammation; second proliferation; and third, remodeling. Each of these phases can be subdivided into further divisions but these overlap considerably.
3 phases. The first stage of wound healing is known as inflammatory stage. Once the bleeding is stopped and a scab is formed, the inflammatory phase starts. The second stage is the proliferative stage. Angiogenesis occur which is a process of formation of new vascular system to the wound. The third and last stage is the maturation or remodeling stage.