Why are so many doctors hesitant to prescribe pain medications for fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia. The current feeling is avoid using opioids in fibromyalgia. This does not mean that in severe cases opioids should not be used. Docotrs have to justify their prescription - so if the exam shows no objective findings then there would be no indication to write for an opioid - just saying "i have pain" is not enough.
Misunderstanding. Hesitancy to prescribe pain meds for fibromyalgia (fm) derives, in part, from ubiquitous doctor regard for a theoretical concept that fm pain is due to a faulty mechanism of pain recognition within central nervous system. My view, based on my clinical research, is that fm pain is a true peripheral neuropathy & can be effectively treated with analgesics until musculoskeletal causes are corrected.
Ineffective. Pain medications, such as narcotics are often ineffective for the type of pain involved in fibromyalgia, and because it is a long term condition, there is a risk of addiction or tolerance, which is when a medicine that worked for a while doesn't work anymore.