What are some drawbacks of spinal cord stimulators for treating chronic pain?

Several. Spinal cord stimulation is a minimally invasive method of electrical modulation of nerve signals transmission to brain. It may be effective for treatment of so-called neuropathic chronic pain. Patients with these implants cannot have mri, should notify tsa and generally should be aware of any strong magnetic fields. Complications include mechanical problems (migration, disconnection), infection.
Implant. 1. It's an implant, so you need device maintenance including regular charging 2. Needs frequent reprogramming. 3. Does not help as much with axial back pain 4. Can not have MRI scans. 5. Small risk of electrode migration or break.
Depends on patient. Scs therapy is an effective modality to relieve various chronic pain disorders. It's an implanted device near the spinal cord. As with other implantable devices, there is risk for malfunction, migration, breakage, etc. As of now in 2011, scs implants are not compatible with mri, and patient cannot use mri. Ct scanning may be substituted.

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I am a chronic pain sufferer and plan on having a spinal cord stimulator implanted? What painkillers are available for spinal cord?

Same. Hopefully the scs will allow you to stop or decrease pain killers. The pain medications for use on spinal pain are the same for any chronic nerve pain (some anti-depressants, neural membrane modifiers like lyrica, (pregabalin) opioids, "spinal cord" muscle relaxants like baclofen).
All of them. Any pain med is compatible with the implanted stimulator. Speak with your doctor.