Have fibromyalgia/costochondritis. Terrified of heart attack. Multiple docs say I'm ok. Pains only come on at rest, not during cardio. Is that normal?

Fibro- Anxiety . 1. See cardiologist if not seen and get cardiac workup to reassure no underlying heart disease. 2. Learn yoga breathing exercise to relax. 3. Good night sleep is a key and if have sleeping problem, sleep hygine, keep same sleep-wake cycle, eat properly, daily bowel movement. 4.Minimize caffeine. 4. Mediation may help. 5 see mental health profession if problem persist.
Fibromyalgia pain. Must patients with fibromyalgia have pains that are difficult to explain. Usually, pains associated with heart attach become worse with exercise. Your doctors are the only ones who can discern between cardiac pain and fibromyalgia pain.