Can anorexia nervosa or very low body weight cause diabetes insipidus that requires ddap?

They're unrelated. Diabetes insipidus is independent of anorexia nervosa. But the prolonged aberrant changes to the metabolism in an can alter pituitary modulation of gonadatrophins; & cause inconsistent cortisol, adrenaline, & vasopressin production. When the latter occurs, clinical signs of diabetes insipidus may be seen. See .
See below. There are a few reports that diabetes insipidus or problems concentrating urine occur in anorexia nervosa. In these case, the longer and worse the anorexia, the more likely the diabetes insipidus. Most likely prolonged anorexia (low weight and its consequences) led to damage to the kidneys and other orgrans.
No, it cannot. Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder, which requires loss of at least 15% or more of the body weight, compared to the average standard weight. This is primarily a disorder of thinking that despite loosing wt., the person sees herself as fat. Diabetes insipidus (di)causes excessive water loss b/c of lack of antidieuretic hormone, which prevents water loss. Anorexia nervosa cannot cause di.