Can I have a bladder or kidney infection with a negative WBC count in urine? All was normal but pH was 9.0.

Alkaline urine. If there is an obstruction between the infection and the bladder, the urine may be unremarkable. A very alkaline urine with infection suggests proteus which produces urease that splits urea into ammonia that makes the urine alkaline.

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Can you have extreme sweating with a kidney infection and if I have WBC count of 30 is that considered high.

It's high. If by '30' you mean 30, 000, that's extremely high. If you have a kidney infection, are sweating, and have a WBC of 30, 000, you should be seen by a doctor right away. Read more...

What does differential WBC count have to do with infection? What would the results be if I had a kidney infection?

Here is... In response to bacterial invasion to body, immu-sufficient persons will have elevated WBC with higher neutrophils (called shift to left), but not always, such as in the elderly or with low-pressure infected space such as after i ; d, in short, kidney infection is diagnosed by symptoms, physician's high alert... And confirmed with urinalysis and urine culture from properly collected urine specimen. Read more...