My doctor prescribed victoza (liraglutide) for weight loss, but I don't have diabetes. Is this okay?

Sounds extreme. A safer low cost approach to weight loss is to eat 6 small meals a day composed of fresh vegetables and high quality low fat proteins with colorful tart fruits. Avoid sugar, processed foods, and fruit juices. Lower your stress, get a good night sleep and move through the day. A fifteen to 20 minutes walk 4 times a day or dancing to music inside for the same amount of time . Have fun!
AnOption: FoodBetter. Your hba1c is?, ?5.0% optimal. Victoza (liraglutide) has a great track record for dm, some for wt ?. However the big control is food choices & quantity, not calories. Best high nat. Fat, mod. Protein & very ?sugar/carb foods + cut quantity (always works if enough). Study “taubes why we get fat”, peter attia, "lustig fatchance". Wt. Daily with scale accurate to 0.1 lb & record to see what works vs. What does not.
Yes!! Not approved by government/ fda but many articles in medical literature show its efficacy in 75-80 of patients that are treated with it. Company hopes to seek government approval in next few years. Main issue now, is insurers won't pay for it unless fda approved!