Is methadone better than oxycodone for chronic pain relief?

Perhaps. Methadone is some times hard to get just right. There is less tolerance effect. There is probably better relief of nerve type pain as well with methadone.
Possible. Methadone also has a longer half-life which means each pill can work for 6-12 hours versus oxycodone lasting 3-4 hours. Oxycontin however also lasts 8-12 hours. Agree with less tolerance and nerve pain. Methadone is also dirt cheap.
There is no answer. Concerning the pharmacologic treatment of pain, there really is not "better than" or "as good as". Both drugs are opioids and work by "binding" to opioid receptors in the brain. I do not personally use Methadone as it has a very high potential for adverse problems thus a low safety profile. Some opioid receptor binders are more affective than others in some individuals.

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I have been changed from Oxycodone 180mg to Methadone 50mg for Chronic Pain (neuropathic) IS Methadone being Prescribed More for Pain these days? WHY?

Less psychological. methadone is an inexpensive pain medication but is very effective and hits NMDA receptors and helps more with bone pain and neuropathic pain It does not have the psychological high so it is not psychologically dependent like other opioid It is longer acting so you need to be very careful taking it and taking more than prescribed It is definitely the best long term chronic pain medication. Read more...

If a person on methadone for chronic pain is also prescribed PRN oxycodone, how long should they wait after taking the methadone to take the oxy?

Breakthru . methadone is a powerful analgesic with a long half life. Oxycodone is a short acting powerful pain medicine to be taken in your case only during a breakthru pain crisis and certainly not by the clock. Both medicines can cause side effects and even death. I prescribe this regimen for intractable chronic pain only and monitor for its helpfulness and safety. Read more...