Is lortab an effective treatment for chest pain?

See a doctor. Unless one is 100% percent sure that your chest pain is not coming from your heart taking anarcotic to treat it is foolish.
Lortab & chest pain. Chest pain may come from a variety of causes. If it is from your heart then lortab is not the right medication. If it is from muscles, tendons, ligaments and bony problems it may be helpful. Generally it should be taken for new pain and when the pain subsides, as most pain does, it should be stopped.

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I have been having dysphagia and midsternal chest pain. Just had a left thyroid lobectomy 4 days ago. Lortab decreases the pain. Thoughts?

Anesthesia ; Surgery. Some medications used during induction of surgery can cause muscle pain, and should start to resolve within 7 days. Also, sometimes the surgeon needs to lean on your chest for proper positioning which can cause postoperative pain. The surgery also involves stretching many muscles in your neck which could account for the dysphagia. Nevertheless you should seek medical attention to confirm this. Read more...