Breast sore 2 weeks before period?

Possibly PMS. Causes of breast pain can include cysts, prior surgery, trauma, medications (oral contraceptives, infertility tx, ssri's), large breast size, premenstrual syndrome, ovulation, period ; pregnancy. Your physician may be able to help determine the cause.
Pregnant? Pregnancy is always a concern. Purchase and perform a home pregnancy test. If it's negative, repeat it in one week and give your doctor a call.

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How long should a PMS last? I feel cramps on my lower back, some headaches and breast soreness 2 weeks before my period due. Is that normal? Cycle 32d

One week . Estrogen which sits on serotonin the happy juice receptor fluctuates along with other female nt the amazing studies are proving that all hormones are actual neurochemicals especially testosterone and estrogen which create mood problems around cycles both in males and females. Lucky us even gut juices are now considered to be brain chemicals so when we said we had gut feeling , we are right . Read more...

Why did I have cramping and sore breasts two weeks before my period was due? My period hasn't arrived yet and it's worse. Is this a sign of pregnancy?

Probably not. Your breasts are sensitive to hormone changes which start with ovulation (about 2 weeks before your period) and persist until your next period. Of course if you do conceive this will continue, but that is what home pregnancy tests are for. Cramping can occur with ovulation and then again prior to your period and is also not specific for pregnancy. Read more...

Do you still get premenstrual symptoms such as cramps and sore breast a week-two before your period even when on birth control pill. Ortho tri cyclenlo?

Likely, no. A week or 2 before your period is a little early to get pre-menstrual symptoms. It's normal on the birth control pill to get some pre-menstrual symptoms, around the last week of the pill pack. There may be another reason for your symptoms. Or maybe you just started the pill? Sometimes when a woman just starts birth control pill there can be these side effects. Typically wears off 2-3months. Read more...