Report: cholesterol total-188 mg% chol hdl-direct-34 mg% triglycerides-262 mg% ldl chol-102 mg% vldl chol-52.36 mg% what does it suggest?

Dec carbs, exercise. Not knowing your family or medical history, the short answer is you need to exercise more and change your diet. You need a low carbohydrate diet. Stay away from foods with a high glycemic index. Avoid saturated fats. Then recheck your lipid profile and see your internist.
High due to LDL-P. High triglycerides (tg) and low hdl-c are markers for high LDL particle number (ldl-p). As tg rise ldl-p rises. However, when tg is high the amount of cholesterol carried by LDL particles goes down. This often results in "normal" LDL cholesterol (ldl-c) and low hdl-c levels despite high (ldl-p). When ldl-p is high cardiovascular risk is high independent of ldl-c, hdl-c, tg levels.
Simple carbs. Sounds like you eat too many simple carbs including juice, pop, other sweet drinks, white rice, white bread, etc. You need to cut out the sweet liquids and decrease the simple carb solids, get daily (22 min per day of aerobic) exercise and keep your waist less that 40 inches (at the belly button). You need to get your triglycerides normal (< 150) and even better if less than 100.