How long before I can start flossing and wearing my retainer again after wisdom teeth removal?

If you feel up to it. If your surgery was complex and you have trouble opening your mouth, are swollen, in pain, etc. You may want to hold off until you heal a bit before trying. You should be able to start flossing the front teeth first and then as the surgical sites toward your molars heal you can start to floss there. Generally speaking you should be able to wear your retainer and floss within 1 to 2 weeks.
Comfort level. As soon as you are comfortable. If there is swelling, it may be a few days. You may have to titrate retainer wear, wearing them a little longer every day until back up to full speed.
If you are breathing. You can floss your teeth! yes. As for your retainer, it depends upon the type and whether or not its use interferes with any stitches. Sometimes, local swelling prevents the retainer from seating completely--that may cause irritation or shifting of the teeth. Check with your doctor if the appliance doesn't fit.
Next day. You can floss and wear the retainer the next day if you wish. Of course you may want to wait a week before you floss around the molars in the back upper and lower jaw. But go ahead and floss the front teeth. If the retainer fits comfortably that is great but if it doesn't wait a week after the swelling resolves.

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