Do rib fractures heal by themselves or not?

Yes. Only the extremely rare fractures that involve multiple segments of the same rib or adjacent ribs need surgical repair. Even many of these will heal by themselves.
Rib fractures . Simple rib fractures are treated conservatively with pain management only.
Certain rib fractures that result in breathing difficulties and / or relentless pain are treated surgically.
I use titanium plates to repair the chest wall. .
Yes they will. As with most other broken bones, rib fractures will heal on their own in the vast majority of instances. There may be situations where a surgeon needs to fix the broken ribs (if multiple ribs are broken in 2+ spots each), but that is more for the breathing, as the surgery doesn't make them heal - your body does.

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Can I do cardio exercise while my rib fractures heal?

Cardio as tolerated. Rib fractures can cause breathing-related pain until the fracture ends start to heal and stick together. This usually occurs after several weeks. You can use pain as your guide and advance with activities (cardio) as tolerated. Read more...

Diagnosed with cushings disease and non Union rib fractures. Will the rib fractures heal normally after the cushings disease is cured?

Cushing's. Sorry to hear about the Cushing's. Cushing's can be controlled but care of the rib fractures is essential. Make sure you are referred to a lung specialist. He/she may help you and may also refer you to a surgeon for further evaluation and care. Do not delay! Read more...