How long does it take to get rid of gingivitis?

Get rid ofgingivitis. Unfortunately we never get rid of the potential for periodontal or "gum" problems. Bacteria, plaque, food debris and biofilm are always present to a degree in our mouths. The key as to whether they cause inflamma- tion or infection is dependent on our own bodies resistance, our diet and how effective our homecare is and how regular we get checkups and cleanings. It is all about management not cure.
Sometimes months. The diseases of the gums are usually asymptomatic, so the patient goes many years without treatment. Many times, if you wait until it hurts, it is too late for predictable care. It is never cured for good, only maintained, and you may need more watchful care from the dentist (every three months.).
Maintenance. Gingivitis is simply, inflammation of the gums. If you remove what's causing the inflammation (in most cases, plaque and bacteria), you should get rid of gingivitis in short order. Periodontitis (inflammation of gums and bone) is a different story though.