Is liposuction worth considering to get the body weight back to safe levels if someone is obese?

Lipo for weight loss. Liposuction is not a weight loss procedure, but is ideal for people of normal weight who have small pockets of fat that need to be removed. 5 liters of fat can be safely removed at one time as an outpatient procedure. This fat weighs around 10 pounds. If you have more fat than 10 pounds, people are better served by losing weight first, trying more excercise, or a weight loss clinic.
Lipo not for weight. Liposuction removes localized areas of fat that are in disproportion the the rest of the body, and resistant to change with diet and exercise. It is not for weight loss, and surgical procedures such as lipo are riskier in overweight patients. After major weight loss the skin is typically loose and that also poses a problem for doing lipo.
No. Liposuction surgery is not indicated for the purposes you describe. On the other hand, it is indicated for patients who present with isolated areas of diet and exercise resistant adipose tissue with adequate overlying skin elasticity. Best to use traditional methods of diet and exercise, possibly with the help of professionals such as trainers and/or nutritionist, to reach weight/health goals.