What are the benefits of using progesterone cream?

May/may not b good. Progesterone vaginal gel - brand name crinone, (progesterone gel) is an fda approved medication for the use of hormonal support during fertility treatment and also for hormone replacement and to induce bleeding in some women who do not have a period (pcos for example). Progesterone cream applied to the skin is used sometimes for menopausal hormone replacement but this use is not well-established.
No benefits. Studies have not shown any benefit to Progesterone cream over other Progesterone sources.
Varies. During the normal menstrual cycle, Progesterone levels vary greatly. Thus, for many women who use Progesterone the dose has to vary depending on estrogen levels and other factors. For adjustments, cream rather than capsules allow for better regulation of dose. Generally start with a low dose such as 1/8 teaspoon of Progesterone cream. And work up slowly.