Should I be concerned about vaginal discharge in the 2nd trimester?

Yes. If you experience vaginal discharge during the second trimester, this may be normal. It is possible that your discharge can be an infection such as a yeast or bacterial vaginosis infection. More concerning though, the discharge can also represent leakage of amniotic fluid that is surrounding your baby. Always check with your doctor if you think you are having vaginal discharge.
Vaginal discharge. Possibly a problem. Best to check with your OB doctor for advice on this matter.

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Should I be concerned about dark brown vaginal discharge in the first trimester?

Yes. Dark brownish vaginal discharge in 1 trimester is usually related to the implantation of the baby's placenta into the wall of the uterus. As long as the HCG and Progesterone levels are ok, and you have a normal sonogram I wouldn't be concerned.
Yes. This may indicate a threatened miscarriage and occurs when there is a mild separation of the early placenta. Strict bedrest and no intercoarse. Progesterone administration is found to be helpful in relaxing the uterus and allowing the separation to heal. See you ob/gyn.