Can I still get an epidural after having guillain barre syndrome? I heard that it can cause the gbs to reoccur. Can gbs cause problems with labor?

GB syndrome. According to the literature you can get reoccurrence of gb syndrome after epidural. Ask your obstetrician to arrange consultation with anesthesiologist long before labor. Anesthesia department and your obstetrician will make a plan how to approach your case. Preparation is the key.
Gbs can be. Triggered by pregnancy and labor whether an epidural is present or not. You would have to weigh the risks and benefits versus more traditional pain control. Have this conversion before you are in labor with your OB and anesthesiologist.

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Do vaccines cause guillain-barre syndrome (gbs)?

No link. No, there is no definitive link between vaccines and gbs in a broad sense. While many have attempted to link the two and the fda follows all vaccines closely to monitor a link - the data has not suggested a link between all major vaccines and gbs. The average risk of someone getting gbs even without getting vaccines is 1 in a few hundred thousand. The risk is the same with vaccines.
Associated. Gbs has been associated with vaccination but the cause is unknown.

What causes guillain-barre syndrome (gbs)?

Autoimmune. Guillain-barre is caused by inflammation of the peripheral nerves - the immune system attacks your own nerves. It starts in the arms or legs in the form of tingling or weakness, eventually affecting the respiration muscles if not halted (whole body paralysis can occur). It is often preceded by an infectious illness (respiratory infection or stomach flu). Molecules of the body attacked as foreign.
No one knows. Gbs occurs when the bodies immune system attacks the lining or myelin of the nerve cells in the peripheral nervous system. Although it can be associated with things like following surgery or after certain infections, for example it has been seen following campylobacter infection which causes diarrhea, the true cause is unknown.

Any research on why some people get guillain-barre syndrome, when most don't? Does gbs tend to occur more in families with migraines/epilepsy?

Guillain-Barré. (gbs) is a rare disorder in which one's immune system damages their nerve cells, causing muscle weakness and sometimes paralysis. Gbs can cause symptoms that last for a few weeks. Most people recover fully from gbs, but some people have permanent nerve damage. In very rare cases, people have died of gbs, usually from difficulty breathing. Not migraines epilepsy, but a viral illness association.
Probably autoimmune. Preceding infection, such as flu, seems to trigger the event. The only variant with genetic predisposition is acute motor axonal neuropathy, in japan and china. Antibodies to gangliosides play a role. It is not more prevalent in families with migraines or epilepsy.

If u developed guillain-barre syndrome (gbs) after tdap vaccine, which autoantibodies r commonly found in vaccine-induced gbs? Only ganglioside ab's?

Controversial. There is only anecdotal evidence that vaccines of any type are related to guillain-barre, and formal large studies have shown that no such relationship can be proven. Of course, many web sites, and blog sites continue to espouse multiple causes and effects which have been proven bogus in the past. Real causes include influenza a, campylobacter jejuni, and ebstein-barr virus infections.

Is an operation going to flare up my guillain barre syndrome? I was diagnosed with gbs in 2011 and I've been having trouble with neuropathy and numbness. In fact, I fell when I was standing up from my wheelchair and fractured my fiblia and tiblia bones

There. There have been a few reports of gbs being caused by surgery, but I think you should get your fractures repaired. There are treatments for gbs. While you are recuperating you can have electrical testing done to help determine what type of gbs or cidp you have and have the correct treatment. Having neuropathy will make your rehabilitation take a bit longer but rehab will increase your overall function.
See below. Anesthesia and surgery should not cause a flare up of the gbs. Let your anesthesiologist know about your problem, and the associated neuropathy. They will be able to tailor an anesthetic that will help your condition.

I had guillain barre for 10 months and still cannot walk dr told me I had the aman variant of gbs. Drs took 3 weeks to start my treatment. Outcome?

Too hard to say. It's very complicated - you'll have to check with your neurologist. In the meanwhile, http://www. Ncbi. Nlm. Nih. Gov/pubmed/17290096.
Nerve weakness. There is a variant which causes eye and coordination problems, but outcome should be quite similar in general if timely therapy is initiated. Your description certainly raises a question of chronic guillain-barre, which would do better with ivig once monthly. Suggest you have a followup emg, possible spinal tap, and get a treatment program started. Maybe, a second opinion?

Does Guillain-Barre show up on somatosensory evoked potentials? Also - Is it Possible for one to have GBS with normal CSF protein and normal NCV/EMG?

Unlikely. GBS causes ascending paralysis, usually due to inflammation of nerve roots. It is mostly a clinical diagnosis. You may consult this site for more information on this topic. Http://www. Mayoclinic. Org/diseases-conditions/guillain-barre-syndrome/basics/symptoms/CON-20025832.

Is it possible to get the HPV vaccine after being diagnosed with guillain barre syndrome?

Probably. But some cases of gbs have been associated with reactions to vaccines and would approach this cautiously and discuss with the neurologist who originally dealt with the illness.
Yes you can. If guillain barre was not related to previous vaccines and you are not in the acute state of the syndrome, it is safe to get the vaccine but discuss your concern with your doctor.