How does estrogen work to prevent fertilization in contraceptive pills?

Prevents Egg Growth. Great question. Estrogen inhibits a hormone called FSH which usually helps grow an egg. But the Progesterone part of birth control prevents ovulation and makes the inside of the uterus thinner to prevent pregnancy.

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Explain how is estrogen used in contraceptive pills to control infertility in human beings?

Prevent bleeding. Most oral contraceptives are a combination of estrogen, and progesterone. The Progesterone does most of the heavy lifting when it comes to the contraceptive effect. The estrogen is added to eliminate side effects, most commonly irregular vaginal bleeding. Read more...

What contraceptive pills are high in estrogen and what pills are low in estrogen as I'm looking for a low dose due to side effects please?

Check labels. Most available on the market. Just tell your prescribing doctor you would prefer to the lowest available dose. The lowest dose brand is called lo lo estrin. Read more...