What jobs are unavalible to schizophrenia sufferers?

It Depends. There are a few jobs that exclude people who have severe mental disorders (e.g. Military, police officers, etc...); however, for someone who does not have severe symptoms, they pretty much can do any work they really want. If they are able engage in good psychotherapy, their symptoms should remit most actually do in fact recovery if they stay with it. www.madinamerica.com for all long term studi.
Depends on skills. Jobs available are dependent on skills. Some patients retain high degree of skill sets but most experience cognitive deterioration and disturbed reality testing needing supportive environment and understanding the illness. Any job that requires high degree of attention, concentration and need for sophisticated organization and decision making may not be suitable for people with schizophrenia.
Hmmmm. You should ask your doctor about this. I think that in many cases schizophrenia sufferers do not work because they can be quite unreliable.