Will a past abortion affect my chances of getting pregnant?

Not necessarily. Most women who have had an abortion have no problem conceiving in the future. Having said that, as women get older, pregnancy is more difficult to attain. If they did a surgical abortion, the endometrium could be affected and a very small percentage of patients can develop uterine adhesions that can prevent pregnancy or increase pregnancy loss.
'No,' but it varies. This is a sensitive topic with many variables, but the generic answer is 'usually no.' one uncomplicated abortion per se is not associated with infertility, but sequelae to abortion(s) can be. Infertility after abortion is usually from adhesion/scarring in the uterine cavity or damage to fallopian tubes. Later gestation abortions and those with significant complications are at particular risk.
No. No, as long as you did not develop complications after the procedure, such as an uterine infection or scarring in the uterine cavity.