Can certain foods increase our chances of conceiving?

Food + for pregnancy. Although this is suggestive, the conclusion is not definitive. Clearly certain foods can prevent pregnancy such as eating very large amounts of vegetables containing sterols (equivalent to plant estrogens). In fact, the first birth control pills were made from compounds extracted from mexican yams.
Yes, definitely. Popular nutrition theory by both nutritionists and the medical community, the party line low calorie, low fat, low cholesterol is exactly the wrong diet for humans. It the most toxic. As an infertility specialist we have found over the past 8 years that a diet of high animal fat, moderate animal protein and non starchy vegetables (very low carb) will at least double pregnancy chances.
Perhaps. Check out the the fertility diet by 2 smart harvard guys named chavarro and willet. According to their research healthy eating and certain foods may boost fertility. Certainly we know that being too underweight or too overweight can have a significant negative impact upon your fertility - http://www.Fertilityauthority.Com/blogger/irms/2011/07/27/fat-biggest-infertility-issue.