I'm not producing much cervical fluid. Could this be signal a fertility problem?

Cervical mucus. Scanty cervical mucus can be associated with infertility (sperm need to swim in the mucus to enter the female tract), but it doesn't necessarily mean that your not ovulating. Infection can reduce cervical mucus, and certain medications can effect mucus such as clomid (clomiphene). Frequently an intrauterine insemination can overcome lack of adequate mucus.

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I'm not producing much cervical fluid. Could this signal a fertility problem?

Fluid Factor. Cervical mucous will vary throughout the menstrual cycle in both quality and quantity. Female fertility is at its peak during the mid-cycle when ovulation usually occurs and as a result the cervical mucous is more thin. During other times it will be more viscous and of less quantity to protect the body from infection. Fertility concerns should be checked with bloodwork not by cervical mucous. Read more...