Can you take anything besides fertility drugs to boost your chances of getting pregnant?

No. The answer is 'no.' like fad diets, the grapevine and the internet are filled with remedies, herbs, otc drugs, diets, vitamins, supplements, and tricks to 'make you more fertile.' none are validated: at best they don't work and at worst, dangerous. That said: a healthy diet, limiting caffeine and alcohol, avoid tobacco, moderate exercise, and staying healthy all support natural fertility.
Enhancing fertility. Take prenatal vits with dha, don't smoke nor do recreational drugs, minimize alcohol and caffeine, be closer to your ideal wt, make an appointment to see a reproductive endocrinologist sooner than later....Find one that will not "fast tract you into doing ivf"...He or she may discover something simple such as your husband should not be on a calcium channel blocker as a blood pressure med.