What comes out when menstruating after tubal ligation?

Normal Menstruation. A tubal ligation affects only your fallopian tube. It does not affect your period and does not affect your hormones. So you continue to build up the inside lining of the uterus and shed it during your period. The lining of the uterus is what comes out. The tubal ligation does not affect this.
No difference. Following a tubal ligation, your uterine lining still responds to your hormones. After ovulation, when you don't conceive, you'll shed your endometrial lining same as before. If it's different in amount or duration, it's probably because you stopped hormonal contraception which also controlled your menstrual cycles. Women always complain of a tl changing their cycles until i remind them of this.

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Why is menstruation possible in tubal ligation?

Because the bleeding. Comes from the inner lining of the uterus. The fallopian tubes are above this - the blood does not need to flow through the fallopian tubes. Read more...

Why would someone get a tubal ligation?

Permanent contracept. Tuboligation is a permanent contraceptive method and some women may prefer this after having "enough children" and some never want children at all . It is relatively safe and effective procedure. There are other methods such as iud, hormone implants (nexplanon) are quite good as well. Or male partner can get snipped--very effective as well. If u r considering, consult doc. Good luck. Read more...

How many clamps are used for a tubal ligation?

Varies. There are different ways of doing it. Sometimes no clamps are used - sometimes clips, burning, cutting or tying the tubes is preformed. You would need to speak to your doctor to know. Read more...