What are the main signs of pregnancy after a tubal ligation?

Preg symptoms tubal. The pregnancy symptoms after a failed tubal can be somewhat different than a normal pregnancy. Frequently, spotting is associated due to abnormal implantation.
No different. Pregnancy symptoms are no different after a failed tubal ligation as with a normal pregnancy. Caution has to be made since a tubal pregnancy may occur with more vague pregnancy signs.

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Can you tell me some experience in pregnany with a tubal ligation?

Tubal reversal. The success rate of pregnancy after this procedure ranges from 40-85%, depending on age, type of initial tubal ligation, length of the remaining fallopian tubes, amount of scar tissue in the pelvis, and the surgeon's skill. Read more...

What are signs of pregnancy after tubal ligation?

Post tubal pregnancy. You should see your gynecologist and have a urine or serum pregnancy test done. A pregnancy subsequent to tubal ligation is at very high risk for a ectopic pregnancy and this will require laparoscopic intervention and could be dangerous if not caught in time. Read more...

Had a tubal ligation in 2008 now I am late by a month have all the signs of pregnancy. Took home pregnancy test was negative, what should I do?

Missed period. It is not uncommon for women to miss a period from time to time. If it continues to be a pattern then it is worth a visit to the obgyn to discuss irregular cycles. Home pregnancy tests are very reliable. Read more...