What does it mean to have a trans-vaginal tubal ligation?

Colpotomy tubal. An essure procedure is a trans-vaginal procedure that blocks the tubes via hysteroscopy (slim camera through the cervix). However, we also can access the tubes with an incision through the vagina (colpotomy) & the tubes are then clipped, tied, or excised, just like in a laparoscopic procedure. Not too many docs do this one since essure is easier & doesn't need gen anesthesia. Hope that helps.
Tubes tied. Trans-vaginal tubal ligation is a procedure that is sometimes called "having your tubes tied." tubal ligation means "blocking" the fallopian tubes so your eggs cannot be fertilized or reach the uterus. Despite the current sterile techniques used for all procedures, infections are always a possibility following tubal ligation. The seriousness and subsequent treatment options will vary.
Incisionless. One of the newest techniques of tubal ligation is the essure technique. This procedure is performed via hysteroscopy (a camera placed into the uterine cavity) and therefore no incisions are needed on the abdomen. Spiral coils are placed in both tubes thus blocking them and pregnancy is prevented. As with all other birth control methods, this method is also not 100% effective.

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It's been 4 months since my tubal ligation and today I have noticed that I am having a thick vaginal discharge is this normal I didn't have it be fore?

Not normal. A thick vaginal discharge might be a sign of a common vaginal infection. It is not typical to have vaginal infections related to tubal ligations, except in the situation where the antibiotics used during the procedure predispose you to an infection. This is not typical 4 months out from the procedure, though. Self treat with a yeast cream and call doctor!

2 weeks after having vaginal labor and a tubal ligation, I had unprotected sex with my husband. Is this ok?

Don't do it. If you had unprotected sex and you are bottle feeding this early you may be pregnant by 6 weeks out. After delivery you may ovulate at least twice before 6 weeks out. In addition the reason we ask you to abstain for 5-6 weeks is that you are at risk from infection. Sex definitely if done too early can result in serious uterine infection. And it takes 6 weeks tubal ligation to be 100% effective.

Is there any connection between my diet / daily routine and vaginal health (odor, discharge w/o std? Can a tubal ligation initiate irregularity?

Diet/tubal. Diet can affect female discharge depending on what you are ingesting. There is no relationship between a tubqal ligation and menstrual irregularity.

How long does bleeding last after a vaginal delivery and tubal ligation? Also do you start having menstral like cramp a week after all this?

Totally depends. It's believed breastfeeding & massage of the uterus causes accelerated uterine contractions (crampy) & thus faster termination of the PP bleeding. Heavy bleeding should stop before you leave the hospital. If you have a blood dyscrasia, like Factor V Leiden or a hemophilia, you will bleed much longer. If you keep bleeding, develop a fever & bleeding smells bad, get checked for retained placenta.
Postpartum. You can bleed for sometime after delivery that is accompanied by cramps. Are you breast feeding? This may increase the intensity of cramping as your uterus goes back to its normal size. The return to normal menstruation is also dependent on return to normal hormone balance and breast feeding alters this balance.

Can I drink a couple beers 3 weeks after a vaginal delivery, tubal ligation, and me partially breast feeding? If so, how long do I wait to bf again?

No. I am always worried when someone, after a serious procedure, and particularly in your case when you are breast feeding, are so focussed on wanting (needing?) to drink that they ask this question. Breast feeding is good for you and your baby (bonding, antibodies to the baby, better nutrition etc.), and women who are breast feeding shouldn't drink (maybe a glass of champagne at a wedding), not more.

I had a tubal ligation 4 years ago. I had a period on nov8th then spotted the 26th. Dec, 27th I bled for 12 days what does this mean?

Spotting. A tubal ligation should have no effect on your bleeding profile. There may be other reasons for the change in your bleeding profile such as stress, nutrition, polyps, etc.
To me. It means that you need to see your gynecologist, hrs, md, facc www. Thepmc. Org.

I had tubal ligation in 2004 and I'm looking at the procedures done and they said that it was significant omental adhesions. What does that mean?

Typical. Omentum is an abdominal structure that migrates to areas of inflammation. It is thin, fatty layer and sticks to areas and adhesions are formed. They are obvious at surgery and dealt with to get to necessary spots.
Omentum is. Intra abdominal tissue that covers, like an apron, the small intestine. Adhesions are scar formations that occur in response to intra abdominal surgery, infection, or inflammation. "significant" is kind of difficult to define, except that it was more than routine. So significant omental adhesions means that you had more than routine amount of scarring from the omentum to the pelvic organs.

3yrs ago. Parkland tubal ligation #1 chromic ties. Does this mean my tubes has only been tied or has it been cut, burned ect? Wanting a reversal

Tubal reversal. You are probably a good candidate for a tubal reversal. That kind of tubal typically leaves a good amount of healthy tube to repair.
Tied and cut. Your tubes were likely tied first, then cut. This information can be obtained from the operative record. This type of tubal ligation can be reversed depending on amount of tube removed.